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Brayden Halberg

John where do I start brother thank you from the bottom of my heart where we started at the end of  last year to now we've made so much progress it just goes to show how hard you've pushed me and how hard we've worked as a group and how hard I've worked as an individual thank you for introducing me to this little group and being a great role model and mentor for me I'm truly great full second I want to say thank you for being a great coach giving me the knowledge and really giving me good insight on everything bodybuilding wise and nutrition. Also thank you for being a friend I never thought I'd have I never thought I'd have such a loyal awesome group of friends that I could workout with and push each other beyond our limits. Anyways I just wanna say thank you and I love ya and really appreciate everything you've done for me! I ate the shit out of some cookies yesterday and I felt amazing just an fyi haha ❤️💪🏼-Brayden Halberg​​

Dannette Carter

Words cannot express how AMAZING John is as a master personal trainer.  He's professional and extremely knowledgeable about the human anatomy and what works for your body composition.  I am one who requires in person structure and motivation..and I got exactly what I needed from John!  He pushed, encouraged and helped me to stay focus and reach my goals.  I highly recommend him. 

--Dannette Carter

Nolan Lewis

I wholeheartedly recommend John Parrish, also known as Jax, for his exceptional training skills and dedication to personalized fitness. Unlike other trainers, Jax crafts individualized plans that align with his clients’ goals, pushing boundaries while considering their unique aspirations. His punctuality, attention to detail, and effective hour-long sessions ensure maximum results, complemented by comprehensive diet and workout plans for ongoing progress. Beyond the gym, Jax fosters community through social media, sharing insightful messages like "Less sugar, more fruit, less anger, more laughter" (#jaxwins), inspiring us all to strive for holistic well-being.


In summary, Jax's commitment, expertise, and genuine care make him an invaluable asset to any fitness journey. His personalized approach, combined with his motivational presence both in-person and online, sets him apart as a trainer who not only helps clients achieve physical goals but also encourages a mindset of continual growth and positivity.


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