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10 Signs You Are Doing Too Much Cardio

The importance of cardio exercises cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to improving heart health and preventing chronic diseases. As you might be aware, a large number of people consider cardiovascular exercises to be among the most effective ways to cut down on excessive fat and maintain a good a physique. However, similar to overdoing other activities, too much of cardio exercises can be harmful to your body and lead to excessive fatigue which can negatively affect your heart.



While it is normal to experience joint and muscle soreness when starting out on cardiovascular exercises, excessive soreness indicates that you are overindulging in your cardio for health routines. Of course, it is normal to want to push beyond your limits, especially if you have massive fitness or weight loss goals. However, exceeding your limits with cardiovascular training can lead to injuries which, in severe cases, can even prevent you from carrying out your daily activities.

As such, you should be on the look-out for minor pains as they usually signal the onset of recurrent muscular and joint injuries. If the soreness is excessive, then you need to take a break from cardiovascular exercises, and consider taking up different workout routines.


Since cardio workouts are an effective form of intensity training, it is normal to feel excessively tired every once in a while, especially when you go hard in your training session. However, if your fatigue levels never go down no matter how long you rest, then you need to consider slowing down on your cardiovascular routines. Cardio for health is advisable as long you follow your trainer`s instructions and avoid overdoing the routines. You will be shocked to learn that cardio related fatigue can last even up to a week for people who overindulge in aerobic exercise

If you experience abnormal fatigue that never seems to go away, then it is advisable to take a break and try out other workout routines. Remember, overburdening your heart muscles can lead to several cardiovascular illnesses which, if not immediately addressed, can prove to be fatal.


Contrary to popular belief, cardiovascular exercises are not enough to give your body that picture-perfect look. For you to achieve your body goals, you will need to mix cardio for health with other strength exercises. Focusing on aerobic exercises only can leave you disappointed, especially when instead of looking fit and strong, you start appearing frail, skinny and without any definition. Put simply, overindulgence in cardiovascular routines more often than not depletes muscle mass, leaving an individual looking skinnier than normal.

As such, it is advisable to alternate your workout routines and reduce aerobic exercises until you find the right balance for your body. Finding the perfect balance isn’t as hard as one might perceive, in fact, by collaborating with your trainer and other fitness experts, you can discover exercises that will help you to achieve all your body goals. However, if you feel extremely weak, then you should consider taking a break from exercising to regain your body strength.


As revealed in a study on exercises and hormonal secretion, exercising excessively can lead to sleeping problems. To explain further, overindulgence in cardiovascular exercises leads to the excretion of stress hormones such as cortisol which usually lead to a lack of sleep. Although most doctors will advise you to try regular workouts to fix a sleeping problem, excessive exercise can do quite the opposite. That is, you can spend the entire day working out only to toss and turn desperately yearning for sleep during night.

Therefore, if you have sleeping problems that were not present before you started cardio for health, then you should consider toning down your aerobic exercises. The lack of enough sleep greatly reduces your chances of achieving your workout goals since your body needs adequate time to recover.


As mentioned earlier, most people take up cardiovascular exercises to shed off excessive fat. However, if you have been religiously following your cardiovascular routine without any observable results, then chances are you are overindulging in your exercises. To shed off that notorious belly fat, you will need to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training.

Cycling, running or swimming alone can`t shed off the usually hard to eliminate tummy fat; however, a combination of strength and aerobic training will ensure that all excess fat is used to build muscle mass. Therefore, you should consider changing your workout routines if you have been struggling to lose belly fat.


While it is normal to lack motivation or enthusiasm at some point in your workout journey, you should be concerned if you completely dread working out. A large number of people start their workout regimens with a lot of enthusiasm which fades over time. However, determined people never give and persevere through the challenging days in a bid to achieve their respective goals. If you were initially determined to stick to your workout routine but now feel like quitting, then you should consider taking a break from your cardiovascular routines.

Overindulging in aerobic routines can dampen your moods to exercise, especially if you have a habit of exceeding your limits regularly. Due to this, it is advisable to take a break off your cardiovascular routines to allow your body to recover. Instead of forcing yourself to persevere through the hectic routines, you should consider trying out new exercises that can improve your workout experience.


If you are looking to gain muscle mass and shed off the excessive fats, then aerobic exercises should not be your primary focus. Although you might be tempted to spend more time on your cardio sessions, you should consider taking a break if cardiovascular exercises make up most of your workouts. As any fitness expert will tell you, repeating the same routine can be draining and mentally exhausting.

Therefore, to avoid overindulging in a single routine, it is advisable to take time and plan for your work out sessions; preferably with an expert. Instead of exercising without a solid plan, try scheduling different routines to make your workouts more enjoyable and effective.


Most people head to gyms or indulge in cardiovascular exercises due to the feel good factor that comes with self-improvement; however, if you no longer feel excited or proud of your gains, then maybe it’s time to take a break. No matter how much you might love running, swimming, biking or even dancing, repeating the same activities might get you bored over time.

Therefore, once you realize that your drills no longer excite you despite achieving positive outcomes; chances are you are over-indulging and need to take an immediate break from your routine. The best way to achieve your health and fitness goals is to partake in routines that are challenging and exciting at the same time.


Unfortunately, overindulgence in cardiovascular exercises can make you prone to injury. When working out, it is important to give your body enough time to recover. Since cardiovascular exercises can be performed outside the gym, it not uncommon for people to overwork themselves in the name of ‘doing what they love’.

While it is okay to run for a couple of hours, running the entire morning and afternoon will only reduce your body’s ability to operate at an optimal level. Therefore, if you easily sustain injuries either when walking or doing simple routines, then maybe you are overdoing your cardiovascular routines.


Although it is not bad to perfect aerobic exercises, having a great understanding of other workout routines is crucial for you to achieve positive results. Therefore, if you know nothing about other workout techniques, then chances are you are focusing too much on cardiovascular exercises.

As you look to improve on your overall strength, health and conditioning, you will need to blend cardiovascular exercises with other routines. Knowing too little about other routines can leave you disappointed, especially when your body gets used to aerobic exercises.


As established throughout the article, too much of cardiovascular exercise can be harmful to your overall health. To avoid overworking your body with excessive aerobic workouts, it is advisable to be on the lookout for the above-listed signs.

The best way to perform cardiovascular routines is by alternating them with other strength and resistance workouts. By doing so, you will be helping your body to find the perfect balance between shedding fat and building muscles. Since most people do not know when they overdo aerobic exercises, it is advisable to be on the lookout for these signs every now and then.

If you have experienced any of the above-stated signs, then you should consider altering your workout routines with immediate effect. Remember, too many cardiovascular exercises can weigh you down and leave your body feeling weak and extremely fatigued.

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